Items Needed


Fruit-WaterThere are certain types of photographs that tend to make viewers shriek "Oh that`s cool!" Fruit splashing into water is one of those fun photos that leave everyone scratching their heads and wondering how you did it. This photo genre is actually a very simple photograph.

Items Needed

    Small clear tank (fishtank, vase, anything with clear, straight sides)
    Water (or carbonated water for extra bubbles)
    Aluminum foil
    Chair or small table
    Assistant or tripod
    Blue fabric or paper

Step one
Make sure your tank or vase is free of scratches and attach the blue fabric or paper to the backside of the tank.

Step two
Fill the tank with water or carbonated water

Step three
Place aluminum foil on top of the small table or chair. This will reflect the sunlight onto the bottom of the fruit for extra light.

Step four
Place table/chair outside in bright sunlight and place tank on top of foil. Note - position tank so that there will not be a shadow from your hand when dropping the fruit


Step five
Position camera on tripod and prefocus on inside of tank. If you have an assistant, holding the camera is fine but be sure you are seated in a stable position.

Step six
Drop the fruit. If you have an assistant, count down to release for them so you will have a better chance of tripping the shutter at the right moment. If you are using a tripod and shooting alone, you will have one finger on the release button and the other hand will drop the fruit. It will take practice to trip the shutter at the right time. Even very experienced photographers have many bad timing shots for this type of image.